Looking for ways to revitalize your nursing career while you still have some energy left at the bedside?

Turns out, it really is better to be a travel nurse than a permanent staff nurse. A sweeping study analyzing feedback from our fellow registered nurses confirms travel nurses are more satisfied in their jobs.

Nurses working in travel nurse jobs report making better pay, having less work-related stress, feeling safer on the job and getting more support from their employers (travel nurse agencies).

If you're ready to leverage your nursing specialty experience into higher pay and more career satisfaction, jumping into a travel nurse job could make you a happier nurse.

Read on to learn how StellarNurse gives you the confidence and control to make informed career decisions in your travel nursing job search.

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StellarNurse takes you straight to the most recent and highest paying travel nursing jobs.

In just one search, cut directly to the most recent AND highest paying travel nurse jobs for your specialty. Who wants to choose between pay and recency search filters? You need both, straight up.

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Level up your travel nurse job hunt to God Mode with the most comprehensive job market overview available. Our lightning fast AI scans job offers around the clock, filtering DAILY through an average of 15,000 new jobs offers from more than 500 travel nursing agencies.

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No bait and switch job offers here. All low paying, outdated and filled positions are pre-filtered out by our AI. View only the newest and highest-paying open jobs to get a REAL overview on your best travel nurse opportunities.

StellarNurse gives you an objective overview on the travel nursing job market.

You get a full overview on the travel nurse jobs that pay you best, not who pays us best. We don't accept extra compensation from companies to move subpar jobs to the top of the list. Our AI automatically filters your job search results to show the most recent and top 75% paying jobs.

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You never have to apply to a job blindly again. Your days of unknowingly accepting low paying offers are over. Ground your job search with an unbiased market overview before you talk to travel nursing agencies.

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Land the highest paying jobs with confidence. Make informed job decisions based on objective pay insights and straightforward data visualizations designed to help you spot the best jobs easily, updated around the clock with AI.

StellarNurse protects your privacy on your travel nursing job hunt.

When I jumped into travel nursing, all my inboxes were soon overloaded by travel nursing agencies. Most of whom I never gave my info to. Sound familiar? 😑

This is a common complaint from all travel nurses.

Your privacy is so important to us that we built our whole system around safeguarding it.

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Here are the steps we take to protect your privacy on your travel nursing job hunt:

  • You don't have to login or share your contact information to view all the best travel nursing jobs on the market.
  • Your messages to recruiters are anonymized. Get questions answered before you reveal your contact info to start applying.
  • Your data isn't for sale, ever. Your personal information is only shared with a travel nursing agency when you choose to share it.
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