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We're co-founders and we're nerds at heart. After years of night shifts, it's very likely you'll find us discussing ideas with laptops open until the early hours.

Veronica Cooper
Veronica Cooper
Navy Veteran, Labor & Delivery Nurse, 12 years
Loves to build virtual tools that make travel nursing job comparisons easier & faster
Knows nurses work too hard to waste their time off stressed over pay package rate uncertainty
Amer Kawar
Amer Kawar
Entrepreneur & Software Developer, 15 years
Excited to build a lightning fast platform for travel nurse jobs & insights
Currently diving into gigabytes of historical job data and building exciting visualizations
As we build, we’ll release data visualizations with statistics and pay info on the travel nursing job market. Use these to compare historical pay to current rates all across the country. We’re excited to introduce you to our data-centric mindset. All our data, info & resources are completely free. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, and check back here soon!

“I love all the features! I wish I had that when I was searching for my last travel nursing jobs - what a great idea!”

Lauren B. – RN
Lauren B. – RN
Kansas City, KS