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More than four million jobs analyzed and four years later, we're proud to bring you objective overviews on the travel RN job market you can't find anywhere else.

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How Much Do Travel Nurses Make?

Do travel nurses earn more money than full-time registered nurses? Overall, definitely!

Keep in mind: Travel nurses make higher salaries on average.

Your potential average annual income will depend on demand for your nursing specialty and where you work.

The averages you see below are measured across all specialties and locations nationwide for a general comparison.

Average Travel Nurse Salary vs Staff Nurse Salary

Travel NursesStaff Nurses
Hourly Rates$64.58$39.05
Weekly Pay$2,324.92$1,561.92
Annual Salary$111,596$81,220

The average hourly pay for full-time staff RN's in the U.S. is $39.05, or $1,561.92 per week, according to the most recent 2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics registered nurse occupational outlook.

The average hourly rate for travel nurses is $64.58, or $2,324.92 per week, according to our Ultimate Travel Nurse Salary Guide in September 2023.

The average hourly wage for a travel RN is $25.53 higher than staff nurse pay, and the average salary per week is $736 more .

Extrapolating to compare the average annual salary of a staff nurse vs travel rn pay, the difference is significant, with travel nurses' average annual salary reaching upwards to $30,000 more.

We calculated the average annual salary for travel nurses for only 48 weeks a year. Travel nurses need time off to organize and move to new assignments.

Why Do Travel Nurses Make So Much?

In short, high demand = higher compensation.

We're all aware many healthcare facilities nationwide are experiencing "nursing shortages". Registered nurses are retiring and/or leaving the bedside altogether, a trend sped up by the pandemic.

It's estimated that by 2025 the US will have a staffing gap of 200,000-450,000 nurses. In other words, 10-20% of direct-patient care nursing jobs will be unfilled.

With nursing skills like ours in high demand, we deserve higher pay. Not to mention the inherent stress we put up with in our challenging career.

Travel nurses earn more competitive wages by having the adaptable skills necessary to fill critical staffing needs and provide meaningful patient care in a pinch with minimal to no orientation.

These critical needs are often on less desirable shifts, so preparing yourself to work night shift would open up more travel nurse job possibilities.

Healthcare facilities entice nurses with more competitive wages due to the extra hardships we take on with the lack of job stability while searching for new jobs every 13 weeks. There's also the lack of a consistent job benefits package and the inconveniences of travel costs and time.

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Is Travel Nursing Worth It?

If you're looking to get more satisfaction in your nursing career, it could definitely be worth it.

It turns out it really is better to be a travel nurse than a staff nurse. A sweeping study analyzing feedback straight from our fellow nurses confirms it.

Travel nurses report higher satisfaction and less workplace stress in their jobs than permanent staff nurses.

Nurses working in travel nurse jobs are more satisfied than permanent staff nurses in key areas:

  • better job satisfaction
  • less work-related stress
  • feeling safer on the job
  • more employer support
  • higher compensation

Working in a travel nurse job isn't easy, but it could elevate your bedside nursing practice and give you more control in your nursing career.

You'll have to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for yourself. The standard contract is only 13 weeks, so I recommend every nurse give it a try.

Pro tip: You should definitely take the time to research what to expect before you commit to a travel nurse job.

Get A Travel Nurse Pay Breakdown

Understanding how travel nurses' higher wages breakdown will help you compare pay offers and spot the jobs that are worth your relocation.

Travel nurses are typically hired as contracted temporary employees of travel nursing agencies, getting paid on a weekly basis to work in a variety of healthcare facilities.

The most common travel nurse contracts offered are for hospital inpatient units in a healthcare facility. These contracts usually commit you to work:

  • 12 hours/shift
  • 3 shifts/week
  • 36 hours/week
  • 13 weeks total
  • 468 work hours total per contract

Our interactive pay explorer above standardizes all travel nurse wage data around the average 36-hour weekly pay packages.

See A Pay Package Example

Here's an average travel nurse pay package offer for a Medical-Surgical Nurse working 36 hours/week:

  • $400 M&IE (Meals & Incidental Expenses) - per Week
  • $3,200 Housing Stipend - per Month
  • $750 Travel Reimbursement - One Time payment
  • $30 Base Rate - Hourly pay rate

It's confusing! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let's break this offer down to view your pay per week and per hour. Convert all parts of your travel nurse wages to a standardized hourly rate, then combine to calculate.

Your "M&IE" (meals & incidental expenses) payment is meant to cover your living expenses and daily (diem) meal costs on assignment.

Your housing stipend covers your temporary housing in your assignment location. Remember you should be maintaining housing in your permanent tax home, as well.

Many travel nursing offer travel reimbursements to help offset the higher cost of life on the road.

Pay Package OfferPay per Week (36 hrs)Hourly rates
$400 M&IE Weekly$400$11.11
$3,200 Housing Stipend Monthly$800$22.22
$750 Travel Reimbursement One-time$57.69$1.60
$30 Base Rate Hourly$1,080$30
Total Gross Pay (Pre-Taxes)$2,337.69$64.94

Be aware you may have more living expenses coming out of your travel nursing paycheck, based on what employment benefits package you accept:

  • Taxes based on your permanent tax home rates
  • Agency health insurance - health benefits can start at $20/week
  • Agency 401k retirement plans

Ask your agency what other benefits they provide and how those affect your pay package.

Taxable vs Tax Free Pay

Following on from our pay example above, your travel nurse pay is made up of a taxable hourly wage and tax free income.

Weekly Income per OfferTaxable?
$400 M&IE (Meals & Incidental Expenses)N
$800 Housing StipendN
$57.69 Travel ReimbursementN
$1,080 Hourly Base RateY
$2,337.69 Total$1,080 Taxed

Notice that more than half of this pay package is tax free pay. Ka-ching!

Your tax free stipends, or "Per Diem" pay, are based on daily maximum rates set by the government.  Check gsa.gov's Per Diem rates for your next contract location.

Travel nurses are eligible for Per Diem tax free stipends when working away from your permanent tax home. When receiving tax free pay you MUST duplicate living/housing expenses, required per IRS rules.

This means paying fair market prices for both your accommodation at your travel nursing assignment, AND maintaining your own housing at your permanent tax home.

Many agencies also offer travel reimbursements to help you get money back you spent on travel expenses moving between assignments.

Pro tip: You can still "travel nurse" while living in your own housing at your permanent tax home. The difference is your income will be fully taxed, and you won't be eligible for the the tax free travel nursing pay.

Highest Paying States for Travel Nurses

Which states are really worth the higher cost license fees? Our map shows the highest paying states for travel nurses over the past 12 months.

To view the highest paying states averages since September 2019, use the toggle in the right-hand corner of any of our graphs.

These averages would include crisis rate market fluctuations.

Last 12 months 

Map Chart: Top Paying Travel Nursing States

Highest paying states for travel nurses. Standardized to 36/hour week contracts to compare data accurately.

For more specific travel nurse salary by state, see our table below with detailed pay trends and job availability.

We've included the standard deviation. This shows you how 68% of pay offers spread above and below the average travel RN rates. Picture a bell curve.

For example, 68% of California travel nurse salaries are $2,537.01 +/- $681.08 = pay range of $1,855.93 - $3,218.09.

The 'job count' column gives you a snapshot of each state's job availability.

Highest Paying States for Travel Nurses

Last 12 months 
State Average Weekly Pay Weekly Pay St. Deviation# Jobs Observed
New York$2,362.30$520.60124,124
North Dakota$2,345.16$475.8827,215
New Jersey$2,345.01$556.3563,293
West Virginia$2,199.36$411.2126,863
Rhode Island$2,194.27$523.329,615
District Of Columbia$2,183.00$411.6710,421
New Hampshire$2,122.38$484.4440,792
South Dakota$2,066.20$453.9423,075
New Mexico$2,007.91$411.0941,323
North Carolina$1,964.15$355.3498,795
South Carolina$1,893.05$343.4940,310
Table: Travel Nurse States by Highest Paying. Standard deviation explanation.

Curious what the market looked like pre-COVID19?

Below is a compilation of the states that offered the higher pay from September 2019 - March 2020. Compare this list to our above map and table to see what difference crisis rates made.

Top 5 Highest Paying States for Travel Nurses (Pre - Covid19)

  1. California Consistently has the best pay and the most jobs by a long shot. Both inside and outside of the pandemic.
  2. New Jersey Solid opportunities for both pay and job availability.
  3. Washington D.C. Great income, but fewer job openings.
  4. Alaska Decent pay and lots of jobs, despite reputation for low rates. Current rates lower than pre-covid19.
  5. Connecticut Regularly pays above average with frequent job openings.

Highest Travel Nurse Salaries by Metropolitan Area

Not sure which areas of the country pay great for travel nurses?

We've got a summary here to get you started. Get even more location-specific data on high paying opportunities using our interactive pay explorer.

Top 5 Highest Travel Nurse Salaries by Metropolitan Area

Go after high pay AND lots of job openings in these locations:

  1. California Holds 9 of our top 10 spots for highest-paying metro areas
  2. East Coast New York City-Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC
  3. Pacific Northwest Seattle-Tacoma, Portland
  4. Midwest St Louis, Chicago
  5. Arizona Phoenix, Tuscon

Pro Tip: Investing in a California license is worth your time and money if you're looking for LOTS of high-paying job options.

Highest Paying Travel Nurse Specialties

Feast your eyes on the largest travel nursing specialty comparison available including more than 130 specialties. Our interactive table shows nationwide pay averages including standard deviation for you to get an accurate overview of the highest paying specialties.

Last 12 months 
Travel Nursing Specialty Average Weekly Pay Weekly Pay St. Deviation# Jobs Observed
Cardiovascular/Cardiothoracic Surgery (NP / CV/CT Surg)$6,600.00$103.923
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA / CRNA)$6,238.62$1,265.44168
Physicist (Non-Healthcare / Phys)$5,248.94$1,138.74396
Family Nurse Practitioner (NP / FNP)$4,052.71$1,632.9682
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (RN / CRNA)$3,892.21$2,091.55185
Emergency Medicine (PA / ED)$3,804.78$1,600.406
Urgent Care (NP / Urgent Care)$3,759.53$719.674
Neonatology (NP / Neonatology)$3,684.35$689.654
Adult Medicine (NP / Adult Med)$3,339.50$837.454
Assistant Nurse Manager (RN / Asst RN Mgr)$3,151.10$764.65150
Nurse Practitioner (NP / NP)$2,962.99$1,512.8366
Dosimetrist (Allied / Dosimetrist)$2,946.91$637.67206
Hematology (RN / Heme)$2,859.68$650.0782
Critical Care Flight / Transport Nurse (RN / Flight)$2,847.05$719.67150
Pediatric Cardiovascular Operating Room (RN / Peds CVOR)$2,816.43$522.64151
Registered Nurse First Assistant (RN / RNFA)$2,774.25$702.945,174
Public Health (RN / Pub Hlth)$2,724.33$532.79180
Cardiovascular Operating Room (RN / CVOR)$2,707.65$471.9823,815
Perfusionist (Allied / Perf)$2,692.52$1,471.511,215
Pediatric Hematology - Oncology (RN / Peds Heme/Onc)$2,679.70$508.91176
Pediatric Operating Room (RN / Peds OR)$2,636.59$585.991,661
Radiology (RN / Radiology)$2,619.24$518.784,125
Doctor of Pharmacy (Allied / PharmD)$2,612.22$467.544,357
Pathology Assistant (Allied / Path Asst)$2,608.31$467.131,092
Nurse Educator (RN / Education)$2,607.09$531.59683
Cardiac Cath Lab (RN / Cath Lab)$2,601.80$441.8847,110
Electrophysiology Lab (RN / EP Lab)$2,584.68$495.303,203
Infection Control (RN / Infection)$2,583.93$617.581,094
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (RN / PICU)$2,582.29$554.8813,846
Administrative (RN / Admin)$2,577.71$670.19397
House Supervisor (Supervisor / House Sup)$2,575.14$579.223,449
Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (RN / Peds CVICU)$2,572.63$532.02953
Interventional Radiology (RN / IR)$2,570.05$440.4013,218
Audiologist (Allied / Aud)$2,558.14$489.69193
Hematology / Oncology (RN / Heme / Onc)$2,548.38$508.40649
Nurse Manager (RN / RN Mgr)$2,533.48$744.494,769
Special Procedures (RN / Special Procedures)$2,514.94$432.53394
Pediatric Oncology (RN / Peds Onc)$2,508.51$827.30100
Antepartum (Allied / Ante)$2,507.77$922.33460
Assistant Director of Nursing (RN / Asst. DON)$2,503.25$864.54209
Lactation (RN / Lactation)$2,479.35$369.5133
Special Procedures Technologist (Allied / Special Procedures Tech)$2,472.18$419.272,194
Obstetric Ultrasound - Sonographer (Allied / OB/GYN US)$2,470.90$419.7418
Interventional Radiology Technologist (Allied / IR Tech)$2,460.92$407.8427,171
Electrophysiology Lab Technician (Allied / EP Lab Tech)$2,452.33$393.193,843
Cardiovascular Cath Lab Technologist (Allied / Cardiac Cath Lab Tech)$2,450.95$421.7050,457
Director of Nursing (RN / DON)$2,450.93$756.021,731
Psychologist (Allied / CP)$2,445.00$719.72330
Therapeutic Apheresis (RN / Apheresis)$2,444.28$545.96177
Pediatric Emergency Department (RN / Peds ED)$2,440.71$436.653,717
Multi-Modality Technologist (Allied / Multi-Modality Technologist)$2,437.13$405.702,253
Operating Room (RN / OR)$2,433.01$454.9696,865
Pediatric Progressive Care Unit (RN / Peds PCU)$2,432.35$421.29617
Pediatric Post Anesthesia Care Unit (RN / Peds PACU)$2,425.38$411.27321
Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit (RN / CTICU)$2,410.47$506.68455
Visual Impairments Teacher (School Services / School)$2,407.11$302.6340
Bone Marrow Transplant (RN / BMT)$2,398.41$508.842,182
Echocardiograph Technologist (Allied / Echo Technologist)$2,395.40$399.1212,959
Vaccinations (RN / Vax)$2,394.90$0.004
Echo-Vascular Technician (Allied / Echo/Vasc Tech)$2,383.33$405.965,747
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RN / NICU)$2,381.12$451.3713,353
Radiotherapist (Allied / Radiotherapy)$2,380.57$490.034,420
Computed Tomography Technologist (Allied / CT Tech)$2,373.15$385.92144,492
School Psychologist, Certified (School Services / NCSP)$2,366.23$1,067.09198
Nurse Resident (RN / RN Resident)$2,362.69$617.0714
Echocardiograph Technician (Allied / Echo Tech)$2,361.03$386.9115,067
Burn Intensive Care Unit (RN / BICU)$2,358.06$554.87849
Patient Care Coordinator (RN / PCC)$2,353.06$650.2472
Nurse Navigator (RN / RN Navigator)$2,352.21$239.5121
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (RN / CVICU)$2,346.06$451.9521,434
Pediatrics (RN / Peds)$2,343.79$492.8512,166
Labor & Delivery (RN / L&D)$2,340.01$445.9555,852
Vascular Technologist (Allied / RVT)$2,335.62$414.134,648
Transplant (RN / Transplant)$2,324.59$414.23661
Nuclear Medicine Technologist (Allied / CNMT)$2,318.03$363.8211,475
Admissions (RN / ADM)$2,316.71$355.49108
Pain Management (RN / Pain Mgt)$2,313.00$481.3075
OB/GYN (RN / OB/GYN)$2,312.73$480.904,183
Neurology Intensive Care Unit (RN / Neuro ICU)$2,312.21$387.834,298
Ultrasound-Sonography Technician (Allied / US/Sono Tech)$2,311.04$373.4713,608
Cytotechnologist (Allied / Cyto)$2,310.55$452.031,281
Vascular Access Nurse (RN / PICC RN)$2,306.31$316.49407
Urology (RN / Urology)$2,306.20$368.60199
Same Day Surgery (RN / SDS)$2,304.99$384.5269
MRI Technician (Allied / MRI Tech)$2,299.31$399.6415,454
Mammography Tech (Allied / Mammo Tech)$2,291.89$460.847,035
Wound Care (RN / Wound)$2,291.87$419.202,245
MRI Technologist (Allied / MRI Technologist)$2,288.05$363.5730,698
Cardiology (RN / Cardio)$2,285.67$415.182,136
Float Pool (RN / Float)$2,283.77$415.031,659
Surgical Oncology (RN / Surg Onc)$2,279.04$355.06179
Perioperative (RN / Peri-op)$2,275.09$435.562,263
Ultrasound Technologist (Allied / US Technologist)$2,268.53$376.2444,503
Case Management (RN / CM)$2,262.77$409.8916,492
Ambulatory Care (RN / Amb)$2,262.54$459.573,270
Gastrointestinal Lab (RN / GI Lab)$2,259.80$427.462,979
Post Anesthesia Care Unit (RN / PACU)$2,259.58$398.4521,698
Coronary Care Unit (RN / CCU)$2,251.85$326.478,493
Surgical Intensive Care Unit (RN / SICU)$2,249.21$381.951,735
Utilization Review (RN / UR)$2,247.73$477.571,008
Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist (RN / CDI)$2,238.09$476.6030
Infusion Therapy (RN / Infusion)$2,237.96$391.672,729
Oncology (RN / Onc)$2,237.18$403.9031,626
Postpartum (RN / PP)$2,235.44$452.285,072
Endoscopy (RN / Endo)$2,234.02$393.1612,047
Diagnostic Radiologist (Allied / Radiologist)$2,233.98$489.49505
Cardiac Stepdown Unit (RN / CSDU)$2,229.86$320.461,396
Radiology Technologist (Allied / X-Ray Technologist)$2,223.69$399.2765,829
Emergency Department (RN / ED)$2,222.85$369.32132,391
Urgent Care (RN / Urgent Care)$2,221.08$583.32659
Intensive Care Unit (RN / ICU)$2,214.38$364.89101,461
Postoperative (RN / Post-op)$2,208.17$359.9046
Neurology Progressive Care Unit (RN / Neuro PCU)$2,207.16$331.20880
Outpatient Clinic (Allied / Outpatient)$2,200.53$233.3869
Step Down Unit (RN / SDU)$2,198.91$313.2727,285
Sub-Acute (RN / Sub-Acute)$2,192.73$253.5766
Medical Surgical Telemetry (RN / Med Surg Tele)$2,191.86$308.4677,256
Direct Observation Unit (RN / DOU)$2,181.72$313.792,054
Acute Care (RN / Acute)$2,177.77$396.235,160
CVOR Technologist (Allied / CVOR Tech)$2,172.03$362.4916,671
Clinical Nurse Coordinator (RN / CNC)$2,171.78$712.571,528
Orthopedic Neurology (RN / Ortho / Neuro)$2,166.57$286.73335
Progressive Care Unit (RN / PCU)$2,156.74$327.2982,056
Telemetry (RN / Tele)$2,153.43$344.07108,727
X-Ray Technician (Allied / X-Ray Tech)$2,143.76$376.0414,913
Trauma Intensive Care Unit (RN / TICU)$2,142.27$336.93627
Outpatient Clinic (RN / Outpatient)$2,140.95$464.905,781
Certified Surgical First Assistant (Allied / CSFA)$2,140.81$417.253,176
Neurology (RN / Neuro)$2,133.31$328.946,408
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Allied / LCSW)$2,121.54$349.624,350
Psychiatric - Mental Health (RN / Psych)$2,117.06$372.9729,018
Nephrology (RN / Neph)$2,116.86$265.58280
Occupational Health (RN / Occ Health)$2,113.65$358.52263
Corrections (RN / Corr)$2,108.43$415.592,770
Radiology Technician (Allied / Rad Tech)$2,108.27$355.5723,868
Dialysis (RN / Dialysis)$2,101.56$355.2812,610
Medical Surgical (RN / Med Surg)$2,098.96$343.00221,456
Orthopedic (RN / Ortho)$2,098.26$327.2610,509
Home Health (RN / HH)$2,095.54$339.8838,178
Cardiac Progressive Care Unit (RN / CPCU)$2,087.59$278.584,877
Psychiatric - Mental Health Technician (Allied / Psych Tech)$2,085.28$1,069.57432
Telehealth (RN / Telehealth)$2,073.25$379.31115
Registered Dietician (Allied / RDCD)$2,046.95$261.04297
Long Term Acute Care (RN / LTAC)$2,045.35$308.5517,044
Hospice (RN / Hospice)$2,044.49$299.149,876
Stroke / Neuro (RN / Stroke / Neuro)$2,042.01$280.67199
Research / Clinical Research (RN / Research)$1,985.32$389.4641
Electroencephalogram Technician (Allied / EEG Tech)$1,983.54$400.47765
Respiratory Therapist (Allied / RT)$1,980.68$379.1039,355
Recreational Therapist (Therapy / RT)$1,975.95$308.808
Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (School Services / BCBA)$1,968.42$279.9421
Polysomnographer (Allied / Sleep Tech)$1,953.75$360.303,093
Rehabilitation Therapy (Allied / Rehab Therapy)$1,948.76$390.001,509
Physical Therapy (Therapy / PT)$1,921.75$308.54178,114
American Sign Language Teacher (School Services / ASL Teacher)$1,912.34$320.9922
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (Allied / SLPA)$1,909.57$320.05336
Speech Language Pathologist (Allied / SLP)$1,908.35$275.8744,788
Operating Room / Surgical Technician (Allied / OR / Surg Tech)$1,906.94$349.9998,435
Medical Tech / Medical Laboratory Scientist / Clinical Laboratory Scientist (Allied / MT / MLS / CLS)$1,875.76$445.0925,749
Long Term Care (RN / LTC)$1,873.58$399.2528,627
School Nurse (RN / School Nurse)$1,864.27$577.90245
Occupational Therapy (Therapy / OT)$1,861.64$291.9555,835
Skilled Nursing Facility (RN / SNF)$1,856.08$432.4614,717
Special Education Teacher (School Services / Special Ed)$1,854.48$319.10494
Obstetric Technician (Allied / OB Tech)$1,846.50$371.13901
Histotechnician (Allied / HT)$1,833.37$379.631,951
Electroencephalogram Technologist (Allied / EEG Technologist)$1,818.50$336.66739
Rehabilitation (RN / Rehab)$1,772.31$490.2025,079
Charge Nurse (RN / Charge)$1,762.84$465.87859
Telemetry Monitor Technician (Allied / Tele / Monitor Tech)$1,752.39$631.94480
Endoscopy Technician (Allied / Endo Tech)$1,745.19$452.511,310
Anesthesia Technician (Allied / Anesthesia Tech)$1,693.06$717.87538
Home Health (Allied / HH)$1,684.93$296.566
Emergency Department (LPN / LVN / ED)$1,647.40$405.87197
Electrocardiograph Technician (Allied / EKG Tech)$1,591.75$573.9287
Home Health (LPN / LVN / HH)$1,557.28$220.394,692
Corrections (LPN / LVN / Corr)$1,550.04$296.791,392
Telemetry (LPN / LVN / Tele)$1,529.54$357.71418
Psychiatric - Mental Health (LPN / LVN / Psych)$1,529.52$324.94732
Long Term Acute Care (LPN / LVN / LTAC)$1,486.12$211.742,526
Antepartum (RN / Antepartum)$1,475.17$687.03770
Outpatient Clinic (LPN / LVN / Outpatient)$1,473.47$264.983,543
Paramedic (Allied / Paramedic)$1,469.28$350.39224
School Nurse (LPN / LVN / School Nurse)$1,450.42$283.2372
Medical Surgical (LPN / LVN / Med Surg)$1,440.82$284.765,629
( / Rehab)$1,422.94$250.20211
Long Term Care (LPN / LVN / LTC)$1,411.07$280.3434,903
Hospice (LPN / LVN / Hospice)$1,400.22$213.031,624
Emergency Department Technician (Allied / ED Tech)$1,396.21$392.46128
Skilled Nursing Facility (LPN / LVN / SNF)$1,372.58$314.11642
LPN / LVN (LPN / LVN / LPN / LVN)$1,348.30$283.1121,052
Pharmacy Technician (Allied / Pharm Tech)$1,335.94$307.09853
Physical Therapy Assistant (Therapy / PTA)$1,325.66$221.6335,007
Occupational Therapy Assistant (Therapy / OTA)$1,324.42$200.9313,511
Dialysis Technician (Allied / Dialysis Tech)$1,322.23$192.90619
Sterile Processing Technician (Allied / SPT)$1,302.40$253.126,794
Patient Care Technician (Allied / PCT)$1,211.81$511.92211
Home Health (CNA / HH)$1,180.79$404.6113
Phlebotomy (Allied / Phlebotomist)$1,179.77$299.02248
Medical Surgical (CNA / Med Surg)$1,132.94$250.76211
Clerical (Non-Healthcare / Clerical)$1,103.08$185.168
Skilled Nursing Facility (Allied / SNF)$1,070.93$388.35312
Certified Medical Assistant (Allied / CMA)$1,068.57$321.94866
Long Term Care (CNA / LTC)$1,004.69$277.711,318
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA / CNA)$935.61$259.081,732
Table: Travel Nurse Specialties

We removed specialties with very low job counts and supervisory roles. This keeps our data relevant to the travel nursing specialties with high pay AND regular job availability.

For a different view, we've got an interactive bubble chart displaying the highest paying travel nurse specialties by their job availability. Hover over the bubbles to identify the specialties.

Last 12 months 
Chart: Travel Nurse Specialties Bubble Chart

Not all nursing specialties have a regular high need for travel nurses. For example, RN's in Electrophysiology Lab (EP Lab) regularly have higher pay offerings, but don't have the plentiful job options that ICU or L&D nurses have.

Pro tip: If you aspire to work consistently as a travel nurse, gain experience in a specialty with higher job availability.

I repeat: Higher demand = Higher compensation.

How To Find the Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

How can you cut through the lowball offers to find and land the best paying travel nurse salaries? We started StellarNurse to help you.

After analyzing the market for 4+ years, here's our best advice:

  • Use our interactive pay explorer to check pay trends, job availability and best agencies for your specialty
  • Check out the newest & highest-paying travel nursing jobs to get an objective overview on your best current opportunities
  • Message agencies anonymously on our StellarNurse jobs marketplace, focus on agencies that pay best and have lots of jobs for your specialty
  • Keep current state licenses for the locations that have your specialty's best pay and highest job availability
  • Breakdown pay packages to weekly or hourly income to accurately compare job offers
  • Prioritize high pay - above personal convenience, best locations, nicest recruiter or agency loyalty
  • Move fast for Crisis or Rapid Response rate offers

In a nutshell, stay flexible. The best offers are competitive and often need help fast. Be ready to adjust plans quickly, coordinate with a new agency or arrange travel to an unexpected location.

Bonus tip: If you like your agency, tell fellow travel nurses. Make an easy $500-$1,000. Every agency offers referral bonuses if a nurse you referred works with them too.

How To Find The Best Paying Travel Nurse Agencies

With more than 500 agencies posting travel nursing jobs daily it’s overwhelming to find which ones might be the best travel nurse companies for you.

After analyzing 4 million jobs over the past 4 years, we’ve organized our data to help you make informed decisions on which agencies to prioritize contacting first.

Find the best paying travel nurse agencies for your specialty and preferred locations. Use the filters to see which agencies have the most jobs available.

Last 12 months 
Agency Average Weekly Pay Weekly Pay St. Deviation# Jobs Observed
Aequor Healthcare$2,042.37$439.98119,527
Aureus Medical Group$2,206.85$490.04116,564
MedPro Healthcare Staffing$2,137.36$432.9196,863
CoreMedical Group$1,972.29$432.7994,127
Epic Travel Staffing (formerly Emerald Health)$2,212.43$428.0291,903
Ventura MedStaff$1,980.13$432.7486,608
Host Healthcare$2,266.25$637.3973,413
Healthcare Staffing - IDR, Inc$2,091.34$445.2747,148
Access Healthcare Staffing$2,295.86$518.4445,699
Triage Staffing$2,074.51$609.6441,845
Premier Healthcare Professionals$2,194.82$480.7039,921
ADEX Medical Staffing$2,241.87$353.4438,167
OneStaff Medical$1,985.31$503.0437,235
Marvel Medical Staffing$2,024.31$405.7235,845
Jackson Therapy Partners$1,835.47$408.5034,528
Healthcare Support$2,086.72$420.7731,874
Cross Country Healthcare$2,123.57$518.7530,029
Focus Staff$2,199.97$450.8228,916
Jackson Nurse Professionals$2,159.22$437.7228,896
HealthTrust Workforce Solutions$2,029.95$375.5428,596
GLC On-The-Go$1,900.94$539.6128,335
Go Healthcare$2,060.65$446.4627,808
Medical Solutions$2,180.62$475.6427,374
Nurse First Travel Agency$2,184.64$397.9727,049
Stability Healthcare$2,139.36$404.5926,002
Planet Healthcare$2,199.65$402.3825,136
Genie Healthcare$2,123.39$488.4624,955
Uniti Med$1,868.99$542.2424,530
KPG Healthcare$2,203.43$470.6523,512
Ardor Health Solutions$2,053.85$450.5823,436
Coast Medical Service$2,266.90$412.1623,016
Nomad Health$2,341.73$436.7022,517
ADN Healthcare$2,174.76$403.8419,536
Anders Group$2,129.99$448.9419,514
American Traveler$2,167.07$353.7418,772
MedUS Healthcare$2,183.69$437.2816,676
Nationwide Therapy Group$1,761.61$529.8416,407
PRN Healthcare$2,117.54$427.2615,511
CareTeam Solutions$2,032.75$476.7415,464
Springboard Healthcare$2,358.70$389.0815,355
Advantis Medical Staffing$2,149.41$383.9915,031
TRS Healthcare$2,145.26$441.7614,679
Synergy Medical Staffing$2,020.87$472.0814,426
Amare Medical Network$2,032.62$535.4614,375
GetMed Staffing, Inc.$2,028.79$457.2414,030
FlexCare Medical Staffing$2,133.48$460.3313,610
Travel Nurses Inc.$2,110.90$422.0413,260
AHS Staffing$2,124.58$395.1513,253
Atlas MedStaff$2,141.13$403.7912,495
Vibra Travels$2,213.90$329.1212,445
TLC Travel Staff$2,113.64$472.5012,389
Assured Nursing$2,059.60$408.0511,800
Destination Travelcare$2,192.03$468.0311,719
GHR Travel Nursing$2,365.93$418.6311,674
Republic Health Resources$2,109.38$483.9311,674
Travel Nurse Across America$2,237.89$440.7011,546
Sharp Medical Staffinglife$2,323.65$440.2611,235
3D Medical Staffing$2,239.34$450.1911,038
NuWest Group$2,327.21$433.9810,706
SkyBridge Healthcare$1,888.83$415.2010,704
Wellspring Nurse Source$2,329.35$386.3710,605
American Mobile Healthcare (AMN)$2,233.75$548.6010,112
Solomon Page$2,232.20$478.129,982
Health Specialists, Inc.$2,201.96$357.329,912
Gifted Healthcare$2,182.27$523.479,830
Skyline Med Staff$1,995.01$470.899,434
IntellaPro Staffing$2,180.25$507.129,317
LRS Healthcare$2,326.07$507.759,186
Vital Workforce Solutions$2,201.10$399.478,723
Cynet Health$2,209.67$432.928,638
ALOIS Healthcare$2,101.86$514.448,402
Lead Health$2,374.49$471.828,342
Supplemental Health Care$1,997.58$539.518,227
Junxion Med Staffing$2,109.78$429.898,023
Magnet Medical$2,269.88$453.627,935
Summit Medical Staffing$2,293.12$411.237,832
Prime Time Healthcare$2,377.59$477.927,390
ARM Staffing$2,141.35$450.947,311
Nightingale Nurses$2,298.04$464.577,147
Premier Medical Staffing$2,138.84$342.987,060
Health Carousel - Allied Travel$1,999.90$381.156,879
Next Move, Inc.$2,073.96$395.276,696
AMN Healthcare Allied$1,855.01$456.096,550
Health Advocates Network$2,249.48$393.996,334
Nurses First Solutions$2,141.00$439.206,053
Excel Medical Staffing$2,041.97$491.345,879
Centra Healthcare$1,722.50$378.705,509
Guardian HealthStaff, LLC.$2,140.62$361.465,417
Critical Connection, inc$1,937.55$252.285,264
GrapeTree Medical Staffing$1,594.60$438.145,167
Arrow Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting$2,050.59$430.475,056
Delta Healthcare Providers$1,974.36$221.385,033
Thrive Staffing$1,845.04$475.334,876
Ethos Medical Staffing$2,120.67$402.714,580
Zack Group$2,161.58$375.184,553
Impresiv Health$2,201.83$443.484,396
Source Medical Staffing$2,332.73$436.654,379
GQR Healthcare$2,423.08$597.734,362
Accountable Healthcare Staffing$2,249.59$431.004,346
FlexUp Direct$2,032.83$532.294,106
Fusion Medical Staffing$2,058.70$477.983,972
Aya Healthcare$2,281.29$463.733,861
RCM Healthcare Services$2,095.43$471.233,683
Corratel Healthcare$2,668.73$584.213,672
Titan Medical Group$2,305.22$398.453,636
Ink - A Healthcare Staffing Co.$2,340.83$433.253,599
National Staffing$1,932.40$564.573,599
Prime HealthCare Staffing$2,070.10$412.253,505
QS Nurses$1,848.33$569.313,453
Remede Consulting Group, Inc.$2,080.96$399.793,372
RKA Recruiting$2,458.05$420.553,265
NURSES Etc. STAFFING$2,099.94$572.563,139
Plains Medical Staffing$2,303.31$511.243,127
Catapult Healthcare$2,382.10$524.853,116
Specialty Professional Services$1,966.89$513.203,115
Club Staffing (AMN)$2,019.39$301.003,098
Galaxy Healthcare$2,163.06$372.173,078
Voyage Healthcare$2,123.82$502.103,074
The Judge Group$2,541.81$443.942,945
Reliable Nurse Staffing$2,310.97$343.752,933
Bluebird Staffing$2,189.79$325.172,597
Providence Health Care Staffing$1,773.66$612.732,448
Health Carousel$2,086.75$438.652,429
Trusted Resource Associates (TRA)$2,250.56$428.572,401
Malone Healthcare Solutions$2,423.95$443.312,335
PRIDE Health$2,158.27$421.162,334
Pioneer Healthcare$1,625.48$416.732,328
Firstat Medical Staffing$2,249.61$428.942,235
Nurse 2 Nurse Staffing$2,246.07$497.932,163
KingFish Healthcare$2,167.92$313.512,153
AB Staffing Solutions$2,107.07$588.942,151
TinkBird Healthcare Staffing$2,366.59$510.872,078
Northside Hospital Choice+Local$2,132.93$466.902,048
Trinity Health FirstChoice$2,285.67$366.491,954
Med Travelers (AMN Allied)$1,850.72$420.971,941
Nurses 24/7$2,259.26$646.521,803
Marshall Healthcare Staffing$2,272.68$532.071,718
Mynela Staffing$2,188.12$502.861,610
Onyx Health Care Staffing$2,138.44$444.571,594
Trusted Health$1,997.12$586.421,577
TheraEX Staffing Services$2,196.12$574.971,548
Refined Medical Staffing$2,198.71$457.741,545
Consolidated Medical Travel$2,796.38$511.221,529
Cure Healthcare Staffing$2,464.54$349.061,528
IMCS Group$1,963.13$536.531,482
Spire Workforce Solutions$2,286.71$370.081,480
Favorite Healthcare Staffing$2,121.12$330.531,468
Lifeline Healthcare Professionals$2,447.02$560.851,435
MedWave Healthcare Staffing$2,292.12$548.801,432
MAS Medical Staffing$2,183.30$334.561,386
Connected Health Care$2,214.24$451.161,375
Halcyon Nurse Staffing$2,167.46$349.571,373
Triage Consulting Group$2,177.91$402.331,349
Soliant Health$2,404.53$525.561,343
eTeam Inc$2,464.73$531.461,330
Kiwi Healthcare$2,286.00$470.601,287
Maxim Healthcare Services$2,503.55$585.941,254
Med Ninjas$2,304.55$670.951,254
Rock Medical Group$2,093.73$550.391,249
MedCall Staffing$2,262.24$308.501,199
Modern Healthcare Solutions$2,357.13$446.711,166
Innovate Healthcare Staffing$2,313.72$326.181,142
Alliance Medical Staffing$2,029.47$473.631,133
MedQ GLOBAL STAFFING$2,481.13$458.421,127
Alliance Healthcare Solutions$1,987.33$469.251,116
The Good Life MedStaff$2,366.66$573.541,078
Convergence Medical Staffing$2,081.60$411.041,060
Journey Healthcare Solutions$2,167.14$521.221,030
Explore Tek$2,462.62$488.141,012
City Mobile Group$2,185.58$310.861,001
Lahey Health$2,530.27$562.751,001
Fiber Staffing$2,000.89$323.71967
Lifeline Medical Staffing$2,181.36$430.31889
Treva Corporation$2,209.11$343.99813
The Stepping Stones Group$1,978.35$391.06805
Medical Talent$2,185.06$446.37799
American Medical Staffing$2,273.95$432.08693
Reliable Source Talent$2,481.38$359.24681
Custom Healthcare Solutions$2,051.65$472.36665
iDeal Personnel$1,906.35$467.19650
Sunbelt Staffing$2,537.42$483.10639
Seven Healthcare$2,325.46$518.33614
Quality Clinicians$1,954.67$604.94565
Care Partners Staffing$2,065.25$389.33563
Greenstaff Medical$2,303.70$605.51556
Mindlance Health$2,540.14$481.52527
Reliant Staffing Solutions$2,412.11$591.54526
White Glove Placement$2,429.66$569.61497
Formation, Inc.$2,666.51$615.29493
Avani Healthcare Staffing$2,247.56$509.77491
PS Companies$2,514.17$342.09450
Insight Global$2,430.83$552.74446
Nurse Hustle$2,197.12$419.17446
Siemens Healthineers$2,431.28$520.10421
Pulse Healthcare Services$2,279.96$608.46392
Vero Travel Nursing$2,235.09$412.33383
Adventure Nursing LLC$2,460.71$403.26373
DT-Trak Consulting$2,599.01$392.79373
Delta Medical Staffing$2,322.13$466.09370
MedicalPeople Staffing, LLC$2,643.26$502.00357
Becker Health$2,624.69$489.84328
Advocate Health Staffing$2,536.39$492.95322
Innovent Global$2,296.86$558.62321
PeopleFirst RN Staffing$2,100.72$233.91291
Froedtert Health$2,278.88$445.93282
Hire Up Healthcare$2,521.95$407.52278
Lucid Staffing Solutions$2,417.67$1,063.94269
Origin Travel Nurses$2,577.59$355.01266
Blu Medstaff$2,108.25$489.25262
Professional Nursing Service$2,989.98$609.93260
MARS Solutions Group$2,267.60$709.53255
TLC Nursing$2,412.72$647.44246
Winston Staffing$2,319.56$499.57239
CareerStaff Unlimited$3,230.45$2,824.69232
Health Reserves LLC$2,463.15$652.37226
Excite Health Partners$2,666.11$549.54213
Novo Connections$2,154.43$747.61192
Cerebral Staffing$2,260.74$603.31189
Cambay Healthcare$2,269.44$579.34182
EGA Associates$2,089.11$578.15171
Platinum Healthcare Staffing$2,564.69$1,251.23140
Open Door Personnel$2,066.05$401.09138
Saratoga Medical Staffing$2,530.95$544.64137
Fastaff Travel Nursing$2,759.59$567.57132
Southeast HEALTH$2,647.88$391.36130
Leaders in Care$2,131.24$369.35111
Solutions by Sanford$2,489.89$421.93105
Loyal Source$2,276.73$552.49104
Peregrine Team$2,991.92$607.49100
Raisso Inc.$2,604.04$582.1696
Wayward Medical$1,503.65$291.0993
Grady Works$1,925.87$261.4692
NavAid Health$2,109.94$475.8184
TruMED Healthcare Staffing$2,479.68$342.8180
Fusion HCR$2,342.77$385.9479
ATC Healthcare$2,624.76$682.7067
Pluto Healthcare Staffing$2,382.76$344.7759
Aura Staffing Partners$1,758.82$154.1047
Beebe Healthcare$2,410.71$519.3239
CT Assist$2,714.38$660.6038
Primrose Group$2,458.04$455.4634
Aptiva Healthcare$2,704.54$706.1131
Alto Healthcare Staffing$2,389.30$438.0629
VitalSolution (formerly CardioSolution)$2,941.87$423.3929
Contemporary Healthcare Solutions$2,158.31$197.1127
Phoenix MedStaff$2,577.63$362.6027
Scout Nurse Staffing$1,725.00$355.7424
Axis Medical Staffing$2,219.19$363.3723
Vivino Group$1,736.37$553.6923
Capstone Healthcare Staffing$2,394.09$250.3521
First Class Nurses, Inc.$2,393.55$659.7118
Exquisite Staffing Solutions$2,186.16$225.7214
GardaWorld Federal Services$1,826.62$306.4512
Actriv Healthcare$2,207.15$363.5211
Softpath System, LLC$2,579.36$544.6310
Hamilton Staffing Solutions$2,095.03$510.785
Headwaters Healthcare$2,946.42$632.135
RightPro Staffing$1,854.78$400.303
Table: Top Travel Nursing Agencies with Pay Transparency

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